Student Activities

Christian Academy of Laurel offers a variety of clubs and After School activities that provide opportunities for students to extend their education or simply pursue their interest in a specific field. Many clubs are sponsored by the school and overseen by faculty, while some are school supported and led by faculty and vetted volunteers.


After School Clubs

Sign Language Club

Students in grades 3-5 not only learn a second language but they also perform Christian song selections for the school community.


Students in grades 1-4 engage in fun, innovative experiments and creative projects in the critical areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork while doing amazing things such as 3D modeling, robotics, gaming, and more.

Intramural Sports

Christian Academy of Laurel’s intramural sports offers students in grades 3rd-8th opportunities for learning a new sport, improving existing sport skills, or just playing for fun.


Beyond The Classroom

While the classroom at Christian Academy of Laurel is an engaging experience, true learning requires more than just sitting behind a desk.

Students at Christian Academy of Laurel experience cultural and historical activities through interactive field trips and school events. Curricular field trips in grades PreK-8th grade allow students to enrich their learning and explore their world through events such as day trips to historical and educational sights in the greater DC metro area and more. Students also have the opportunity for distance learning via virtual fieldtrips using virtual reality devices in the classroom.

Christian Academy of Laurel 6th graders also attend a 3 day Christ-centered outdoor education retreat where students learn team-building, wilderness survival, and other activities.

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