Our curriculum presents the world from a God-centered, Biblically sound and educationally challenging point of view. Textbooks are selected to support the rigorous curriculum and may change from time to time as we improve our program.

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Our Programs

Christian Academy of Laurel prides itself on its small class sizes. We try to keep the student to teacher ratio at no more than 18:1 in Elementary School and Middle School. In Pre-K and Kindergarten there is a 10:1 student to teacher ratio as all of our preschool and Kindergarten classes have a teacher’s assistant.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Our Pre-K programs are set up to prepare children to enter Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten classes include Bible stories, number and letter recognition, phonics, math, crafts and directed play.

Elementary and Middle School

Our elementary and middle school classes provide daily studies in core subject areas: Bible studies, math, science, English writing and grammar, reading/literature, and social studies. Students also receive weekly instruction in other courses such as music, physical education, art, and Spanish.


Each classroom at CAL is equipped with a projector that the teachers can use to make learning fun and interactive. There are interactive white boards that allow the students to immerse themselves in the learning experience. We have a mobile computer lab equipped with the latest Google Chromebooks in which they are able to learn typing and simple coding.


Standardized Testing

Each spring, CAL students take the Iowa Assessments®, formerly known by their acronyms as the “ITBS” or “ITEDS.” The Iowa Assessments from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™ measure student achievement and growth across a continuum of rigorous updated learning standards from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

The Iowa Assessment allow educators, administrators and parents to:

-Measure academic progress from K - 8th

-Indicate College and Career Readiness

-Evaluate Student Mastery of next generation skills and rigorous learning standards




The dress code is just one example of the high standards we expect from all of our students. Our uniform supplier is Flynn O’Hara, which offers convenient online ordering and local storefronts. Please review the uniform guidelines for more information.

Download the uniform guidelines for more detailed information.

Uniform Policy